Consultations are ideal for new clients and projects. You can also book a consultation if you know you only need to spend a short time with me, if you'd like to hash out some details of your next project, or just to work together. 

Consultations can be in-person in New York City or via phone / video chat.

DURATION: 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours
RATE: $80, $150, or $225 respectively

Book by the day

Booking by the day is ideal if we have already worked together and / or I am already aware of your design needs. These "working sessions" can be in-person, or remote, depending on your needs.

Start and end times are flexible, but are generally between 8am - 8pm EST. 

DURATION: 4 hours (Half day) or 8 hours (Full day)
RATE: Please inquire directly.




HOW IT WORKS  |  Appointments must be booked at least 7 calendar days in advance. Shortly after you book your appointment online or with me directly, you will receive an invoice from me. Once you receive your invoice, you have 5 business days to make your payment online. (Please notify me if you need to use a credit card.)

CONFIRMING YOUR APPOINTMENT  |  To confirm your appointment, your payment must be received within 5 calendar days after I send out your invoice. If payment is not received within 5 calendar days, your appointment will be cancelled.

PAYMENT METHODS  |  Payment is accepted via debit or credit card. Checks and cash may be accepted for clients that I have worked with for some time.

RESCHEDULING  |  If you need to reschedule a confirmed appointment, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled. You can reschedule your appointment for up to 30 calendar days after the original appointment time. 

REFUNDS  |  Refunds are not available for cancelled appointments.