Nice people

saying nice things about me!

Rachel’s determination is matched only by her attention to detail. She is curious and skeptical; smart as a tack; an excellent writer and serious talker. Rachel has a talent for learning and teaching at the same time.
— Toph Brown, Product Manager @ ustwo
Rachel is brilliant and if you have the opportunity to hire/work with her, do so!
— Andrew Griffiths, Client (UX Strategy)
...I have a new site as of today, and am rather totally and completely in love. Rachel is super sharp, creative, and communicative in her work with me.
— Marina Smerling, Client (Web Design)
Rachel is the ever-inquisitive problem solver. She will work tirelessly to find a solution to an issue. [...] As a Senior Operations Associate, I watched her work diligently and patiently with patients and doctors to help them resolve their concerns.
— Clory Jackson, Operations Manager @ ZocDoc